Błażej Pruski


Błażej is associated with diving for more then 36 years. Traveler and true collector of different kinds of experience and impressions. Careful observer with colorful professional past and technical university degree. He had an opportunity to dive in caves all around the world, from Cuba, Bulgaria, Turkey, Albania to Italy and France.

Dive instructor with 30 years of professional experience within many specialities. Restless seeker of new challenges and a non – conformist who enjoys showing his students new horizons.

Sebastian Dobrowolski


Sebastian is a CMAS and IDF instructor and technical, rebreather and cave diver with 15 years of experience. Expedition Cave Instructor Trainer with more then 2000 dives. He used to work as a dive instructor in the Arctic Circle for half a year. Cave diving became his greatest passion; for more then a decade he has been associated with Cave Divers Group of Polish Mountaneering Association. Sebastian took part in cave diving expeditions to Albania, Italy, France, Kosovo, Croatia, Macedonia and Greece.

Sarted his adventure with martial arts as a child, went from Judo, to with sport and brazilian Ju – Jitsu and achieved nationwide success. He also went for MMA.

Graduate of Wrocław University`s Law, Administration and Economy Faculty.

Professional firefighter and self- defense instructor, passionate caver, mountaineer and traveler. Sebastian enjoys discovering distant places, where charter flights don`t exist and tourists are still a rare view.

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