Caver diver

This first course will be a new and refreshing experience. During three intensive days you will do 6 dives, including final two in overhead enviroment.
Typically we conduct this training in two locations:
Hańcza lake and fort Kowno with underwater tunnels.
Wrocław (Zimnik quarry) and one of overhead dive sites in Silesia.

We can adapt place of training for organized groups, to meet indyvidual needs of participants.
Prequisities: AOWD/ P2, minimum age of 15.
Already certified technical divers can combine this course with Technical Cave.

Technical Cave Diver

Technical Cave Diver course gives you abilities to plan and conduct dives in overhead enviroment (such as caves) according to “open water” qualifications, with END (Equivalent Narcotic Depth) up to 40 meters.
Typically we conduct this course in France or Italy during at least 7 days long expeditions. We are also able to change location to meet individual needs of participans.
You are not a technical diver but still interested in doing Technical Cave course? We encourage you to do technical diving courses with us, to gain knowledge and skills on the highiest level.

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